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Consti Bulletin

The Constitutional Literacy Initiative is a collaboration between the Malaysian Bar and the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, which aims to promote and champion literacy of the Federal Constitution, democracy & the rule of law across all members of the Malaysian public.  Both the Faculty and the Bar have a desire to promote Constitutional literacy and have determined that each brings the unique expertise and experience necessary to accomplish these objectives. Birthed from the synergy between the parties is the Consti Bulletin. The Consti Bulletin is issued monthly in which it highlights contemporary issues, primary in the local hemisphere whilst occasionally covering prominent developments in the international arena.


Now, the Consti Bulletin is back with a new design and even more engaging content that will surely keep you yearning for more. Do subscribe to the Consti Bulletin newsletter by filling in your email address below to make sure you do not miss out on our monthly issues while it is still piping hot!

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