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Past Events

Every event that UM Consti Team had traditionally organised is curated specifically for the purpose of spreading the spirit of constitutionalism amongst the public with the ultimate goal of building a constitutionally literate society.


Interested in collaborating with us for future events? Do contact us on any of our social media platforms and our representative will get back to you at the soonest.



The event, which took place on Friday, October 13th, was a testament to our commitment to cultivating and highlighting the power and potential of girls worldwide. 

UMCT thoroughly set up a booth during the festival linked to Article 8 Gender Equality, the launch of the UM Consti Bulletin, the Law Series, and exclusive merchandise sales, offering participants an extensive experience.

As the echoes of the International Days of Girl Festival 2023 resound, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us in celebrating girls‘ potential and tenacity. Your attendance and support were critical in making this day a huge success. 🌟🌎

On November 2, 2023, we gathered under the glittering lights of Tun Suffian Auditorium for UMCT's Induction Night 2023/2024. Together, we extended a warm embrace to our newest members, officially welcoming them to the vibrant UMCT family.  

The night unfolded like a magical tapestry, weaving together amazing moments, laughter, and pure happiness.  From insightful introductions to engaging activities, every moment was a step towards forging strong bonds and connections among our new members.

On November 24th, the members of the UM Consti Team visited the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya.

Exploring the Palace of Justice was not only an honour but was also an amazing experience for all the members of UMCT.

From the Courts and library to the museum, every moment was a valuable learning experience. Grateful for the insightful sharing session and the opportunity to cherish these memories. 

In the recent exploration of constitutional supremacy, highlighted during the Constitution and Rule of Law series, former Federal Court judge Tan Sri Datuk Zainun binti Ali shared profound insights that went beyond rhetoric. Her words "opened our eyes and helped us understand" the intricacies of constitutional principles. The event, a celebration of knowledge, unraveled the complexities of our legal landscape. Let's carry forward the torch of understanding for the constitutional tapestry that binds us.

On January 4th, 2024, we had the privilege of hosting a captivating live panel discussion titled "Constitutional Crossroads: The 1988 Malaysian Judicial Crisis." Moderated by Dr. Sheila Ramalingam, the discussion delved into the tumultuous events of 1988 and their lasting impact on Malaysia's judiciary.

We were honored to have esteemed panelists Dato' Seri Mohd Hishamudin Md Yunus, former Judge of the Court of Appeal of Malaysia, and Dato' Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, a seasoned litigator with 27 years of experience, share their invaluable insights. Dato' Seri Hishamudin recounted his experiences as a judge during that pivotal period, offering a unique perspective on the judiciary's journey to recovery. Meanwhile, Dato' Malik Imtiaz shared his views on empowering and safeguarding our judiciary for the future.

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to further explore the complexities of the Malaysian judicial crisis and its implications.

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